123Movies Unblocked & Mirror Website To Watch Free

123Movies has always been world-wide known for their impressive collection of movies and series that they published on this wonderful website where all the content is available for free without registration.

123Movies initially started this website with only a database of movies but after some time they decided to also publish a few thousands tv shows because there are many people who are looking for both kind of content and they took this change to grow their audience so GoMovies site can at least be sustainable and earn enough to pay for the maintenance costs.

It’s always been a pleasure to watch your favorite movies and series on a website like 123Movies because it is offering very high quality content and overall your browsing experience on this website will be great due to their latest design and functions updates. Recently, GoMovies implemented even more features that can be used by all the visitors in order to enjoy their shows.

If the actual design of this streaming website looks familiar to you, that’s because it is a design theme used by many popular sites and the perfect example is 123Movies, in fact being the website who make this design theme popular among the streaming sites. Don’t worry, this theme has been through a lot of custom modifications so you won’t confuse GoMovies with others.

The PrimeWire does not host any movies or series on their own servers because this kind of streaming is possible only with the help of some non-affiliate third parties also known as video hosting sites that are keeping all the files on their servers and it’s their business to know how to deal with the copyright claims.

So, all the video content you can see on GoMovies is, in fact, just a mirror link from the third party website. And this leads us to the next subject: the advertising. Probably you have observed that sometimes pops and ads jump out when you are trying to watch a movie. We want to assure you this is not under our control.

PrimeWire as a site does not have any advertisement system implemented but, as we explained previously, the video files are hosted by a third party and the ads you see is their decision and we can’t control that, but we are doing our best and we constantly negotiate with them to keep the ads level as low as possible so our visitors won’t be bothered.

We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by the advertising and we strongly recommend you to install and use any type of adblocker to get rid of all the ads.